Episode 349



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Mona Lisa

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Picture Description

Cold Open: Trapped

The cast are trapped locked in the Green Room, and must resort to using Amanda as a battering ram to escape.

Space Sketch II

The crew of the USS Spaceship beam up a rather annoying hitchhiker, played by John Leguizamo.

Vital Information

Earboy - The Mutations

Earboy, Pizza Face, Ross Perot and a hobo start their own band in an attempt to become popular.

Everyday French With Pierre Escargot

Audience Beach Ball

Josh and Alisa are trying to do a dentist sketch, but the audience keeps interrupting them by throwing around a beach ball, an inflatable shark, and eventually even Kevin.

Ask Ashley Intro

Ashley reads a letter from Tracey Cohen of Billings, Montana; who walks around barefoot and doesn't understand the concept of shoes. Ashley yells at Tracey, and tells her to give a stinkin' round o' sound for musical guest: Mona Lisa.

Musical Guest: Mona Lisa ("All I Do")