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Cold Open: Feeling Weird

Lori Beth and Alisa have sent for a doctor for Kenan who seems to be "feeling weird" today. His problems are quite curable, but rather bizarre.

Good Good Good Good Burger

Ed's misunderstanding the concept of Good Burger's new four-layered burger comes at the expense of GB's regular, irate customers.

Vital Information

Island Girls Independence Day

Kiki and Fran are visited by two space aliens. The aliens are friendly, but Kiki manages to annoy them so much they must leave the island -- but not before beaming Kiki and Fran to the moon.

Everyday French With Pierre Escargot

Ask Ashley

Ashley responds to letters from:

  • Robert Davis of Ingrid, Alaska - Wears a pair of shorts and a t-shirt in the freezing weather, not knowing to wear a sweather.

  • Emily Carter of Washington D.C. - Is very thirsty and doesn't think about drinking a beverage. 

  • Tina Crepack of Los Angeles, California - Chews on rocks and doesn't understand why it's breaking her teeth. 

Loud Librarian Intro

The Loud Librarian gives a very loud round o' sound to musical guest: Nas. 

Musical Guest: Nas ("Street Dreams")