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All That Season 1 Ep 3 CO

Cold Open: Kevin Needs To Find The Cast

The producer tells Kevin that he needs to find the cast quickly, or he's fired. However, the cast proves difficult to assemble for various reasons.

All That Season 1 Ep 3 Ishboo

Ready or Not, It's Ishboo

We meet Ishboo, a boy from a very foreign land.

All That Season 1 Ep 3 VI

Vital Information

All That Season 1 Ep 3 LS

Lemonade Scammer

Katrina is running a lemonade stand, but charges extra for everything including sugar, cups, and ice.


Superdude saves the day and defeats Milkman.


Lemonade Scammer

Alisa becomes Katrina's next unlucky customer, who has no choice but to buy her lemonade after helping herself to some free peanuts soaked in jalapeno juice.


Mavis and Clavis

Mavis and Clavis end up in TLC's dressing room, and keeps asking them for a BLT.

All That Season 1 Ep 3 MG
Musical Guest: TLC ("Creep")
All That Season 1 Ep 3 LSTLC

Lemonade Scammer

Katrina scams TLC by blaming them for breaking her pitcher and insists they pay $700 for it.


  • This is the first appearance of Ishboo, Superdude, and the Lemonade Scammer.
  • This is TLC's second and final performance on the show. They previously performed in Episode 115 (Pilot) - TLC/Phil Moore.
  • It is assumed that Katrina's character in the Superdude sketch is the same girl who explains what lactose intolerant is in future Superdude episodes.