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Da Brat

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Picture Description
Season 1 Ep 2 CO

Cold Open - Don't Sweat It, Kenan

Kenan has major stage fright before starting the show, and starts to sweat like "Oprah in a hot tub."

Season 1 Ep 2 Randy and Mandy

Cooking with Randy and Mandy

Randy and Mandy teach us the wonders of Chocolate!

Season 1 Ep 2 Earboy

Earboy - Hard of Earring

Earboy, a misfit with huge ears, debates about getting an earring to become popular. Earboy goes to Ross Perot for help, who has his own solution.

Season 1 Ep 2 Dr.K

Doctor K Meets the Coz

Doctor K gives advice via his radio talkshow. Unexpected special guest, Bill Cosby, decides to help Doctor K out.

All That Season 1 Ep 2 VI
Vital Information
Season 1 Ep 2 GB

Good Burger

The very first Good Burger sketch. Ed's mishaps include drinking a customer's strawberry shake, taking pickles off a customer's burger with his bare hands, and mistaking a "well done" burger as a compliment.

All That Season 1 Ep 2 MG intro
The Cast ask Da Brat for her autograph.Alisa asks her to sign her hamburger, Kenan asks her to sign "his drawers", Kel asks her to sign his report card, and Lori Beth literally asks her to sign her Grandmother.
Season 1 Ep 2 MG
Musical Guest: Da Brat ("Fa All Of Y'all")


  • Some airings of this episode have Soup (the announcer) saying "Not quite live, but ready for primetime" instead of "Fresh out the box, stop look and watch."
  • In later airings, Soup's voiceover at the beginning of the Dr. K sketch is replaced by Dan Schneider's voice.
  • This is the first appearance of Good Burger, Cooking with Randy & Mandy, and Vital Information.
  • When asked by the producers what she wanted for her birthday, Angelique Bates stated that she wanted to meet Da Brat. Shortly after, it was revealed that Da Brat would be the musical guest for this episode.
  • Da Brat would later perform in Episode 218 - Da Brat and Episode 477 - Jermaine Dupri & Da Brat.
  • Vital Information doesn't appear after the first sketch like in most episodes, but much later.